“I would like to highly recommend Lynch Pellet Stove Services. I was told by another company to order a part and that they would be here on Saturday to install it. They never showed up nor did they call me. I had been without heat for a week. I called Lynch today on a Sunday at 2pm and he was here by 5:30 pm. Tom is a great guy, very sociable, knowledgeable and professional. They even called an hour later to check in to see how it is running. Thank you so much!!”

Michelle B.
Amesbury, MA

“So glad we received your business card from The Stove Shoppe, will be sure to pass your name along to our friends and family”

Holly M.
Newfields, NH

“We recently found Lynch Pellet Services on Angie’s List and couldn’t be more please that we did! Our pellet stove had stopped working and we had a feeling it was the main power board causing the problem. We gave them a call on Thursday and by Monday afternoon Tom was at our home to fix our problem. After looking at our stove he agreed it was the main power board, so he gave the company he gets his parts from a call and gave us an estimate. By Wed. afternoon he was back with the part in hand…unfortunately the part did not fit but Tom was not satisfied with that. To try and save us some money he took the original part home to tinker with it and see if he could try and fix it before reordering and waiting for a new part again. Tom arrived back Thurs. with our original part in hand…fixed…and saving us tons of money!! We are extremely grateful for Tom, his knowledge, service, generosity, and the fact that he cares so much about the well being of his customers! Tom went above and beyond to help us out and we are very thankful for that! We would highly recommend Lynch Pellet Services to anyone!! 5 STARS!!”

Andrew B.
East Kingston

Having Just moved to New Hampshire finding new service providers are always a challenge and can be stressful. Never having owned a pellet stove before, Tom took the time to explain how they work and showed me how to run, clean and care for the ones I now own. I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Donna R.
Hampstead, NH

I recently purchased a house in Derry that came with a pellet stove. Not knowing anything about pellet stoves I looked around the internet for a certified technician. That is when I came across Tom’s website and after reading the many customer reviews I decided to give him a call. Let me tell you it was one of the best decisions I have made. Tom came to the house within two days of calling him. He was punctual by arriving right when he said he would. He took the extra time to slowly go over every single detail about how to run my pellet stove, what to do to maintain it and even what were good pellets and where to get them. I will gladly say that Tom has won me as a repeat customer and would recommend him to anyone with a pellet stove, either a beginner user or seasoned veteran.

Matt S.
Derry, NH

Thanks again for servicing my pellet stove yesterday. It definitely won’t be the last time. I had so many questions. It’s running good and I thank you again.

Jeff M.
Derry, NH

I called Tom on Thursday and he came to help me Friday night. Other places I called were telling me, 4-6 weeks, they could send someone. All I needed was the right guy to assure me my stove was working right and it was connected properly. Tom made sure all the pipes to the outlet were fitted properly and screwed together. Then he waited with me to make sure the stove turned on and no bad smoke was coming through. He made me feel better about having the stove on and taught me what was normal and what wasn’t. Now, I’m not afraid of my stove. He also only charged me for the house call, not the service, which saved me $70. I was very appreciative of this. If you’re looking for someone you can trust, call Tom.

Allison F.
Derry, NH

Tom and Jon did a wonderful job. Needed service in a hurry and they came to Lowell the very next day and did a great job cleaning and troubleshooting my stove. Had me back up and running like new in less than 2 hours and at a great price. Super service!

Rich A.
Lowell, MA

“It is very hard to find caring, selfless people these days. My pellet stove’s blower motor stopped working in the middle of the night, and being the only source of heat for my three children and me, I was so worried the problem would not be fixed before they came home from school. I called several different places and everyone I called either did not have the part and would have to order it which would take days to come or did not have any available appointments for several days. I found Lynch Pellet Stove Services and spoke with Tom. He went out of his way to find the part we needed and was at my house within a few hours. Thanks to his compassion and generosity we have heat and to add to the blessing he gave me a discount knowing I am a single mother just getting by day to day. I can not thank him enough for everything he has done. It is a great feeling knowing there are still people out there like him in this world we live in.”.

April M.
Lawrence, MA

As we all have been experiencing frigid weather for the past few weeks, I had the challenge of dealing with my pellet stove that stopped working. I am a new home owner and had no idea how a pellet stove should work. However, it did help me a lot to research pellet stoves online. Everything was running fine until last week. I was extremely concerned about my kids, pets, and pipes with this brutal cold weather. I do have the pleasure of having a wood stove in the basement, but it was hard to keep up with it, especially when I was gone during the day. Then, I decided to research for repair services and found Tom. What really caught my eye on his website were the great comments and reviews by customers in surrounding towns and I had to agree, it was one of my best choices made. I strongly recommend Tom; He is professional, kind, reliable and full of knowledge on the matter. Thanks to technology, he promptly responded to my email, acknowledging my request via his cell phone and then followed within a few hours with a pleasant call. He came first thing in the morning and knew the symptoms of my pellet stove right away and immediately ordered the part needed and took care of the problem. Thank you Tom for your repair services! Happy New Year 2014!

Carmen L.
Salem, NH

I was truly impressed with Tom’s professionalism and candor. I just recently rented my place out and the pellet stove was one of my concerns for the new tenants. Tom explained the challenges with new tenants and pellet stoves so he offered to come back in the fall and give a tutorial for the tenants. That sense of assurance and security is priceless in my book. Customer for life !!!!!!

Eric M.
Methuen, MA

“Tom, thanks for sticking with our pellet stove cleaning. I know it was a mess but it’s running like a champ now. Great job!”

Tom R.
Pelham, NH

“After struggling with a Englander pellet stove which gave me an electric shock and ton of issues, I made the decision to call a professional. I typically do all my own stuff but I’m a parts changer for these types of jobs, and I needed a pro that could diagnosis/problem solve issues. Tom is a super nice guy that makes a living dealing with problems that others don’t won’t to deal with. He is great at his job and very accommodating. He came out the same day even though he was busy. I have an Englander 25-PDV model. It was shutting down with error codes and had multiple issues. Tom arrived and took the entire stove apart. He went through everything, fixed the issues, and went out of his way to help me out. Great guy and the stove is working awesome now. Thanks Tom!”

Officer Dan N.
Salem, NH

“I can”t say enough about the excellent service I have received from Tom. He came out in a snow storm to repair my pellet stove so that I could be toasty warm as I watch the flakes come down. Thanks Tom!”

Pam H.
Newton, NH

“We were so impressed with the service we received today! We really were in a pinch (on super bowl Sunday none the less) and couldn’t find anyone to help. We found Lynch Pellet Stove Services and they literally saved us from freezing, as our only source of heat is our pellet stove. Thank you so much for dropping everything and being so helpful, efficient, and kind!”

Munsonville, NH

“Thank you Tom for the incredible service. Not only is our stove running great but your flexibility and willingness to work around my fluctuating schedule is greatly appreciated. We will recommend you to anyone we know.”

Jason G.
Hampstead, NH